Welcome to Life in a Blender
Family Medicine

You have just entered the domain of Life In A Blender Family Medicine where just like the name, we realize that life sometimes can be a jumbled up mess. Therefore it is our aim to provide comprehensive medical care in a personal and compassionate manner. Our aim is to enhance wellness, and restore order from the chaos that medical problems create.

We treat people from the ages of 6 to 96. Our special interests include:

 • Experienced, Full-spectrum,
   conventional medical treatment
 • Evidenced-Based Alternative Treatment
 • Weight Loss Medicine
 • Adolescent Medicine
 • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
 • Health & Fitness Instruction
 • Skin Cancer Screening & General Dermatological Treatment

We’ll strive to extricate you from life’s blender, and if we can’t unscramble the eggs, we’ll try to make an omelet from it!