Meet Dr. Papotto

Dr. Joseph Papotto, III, D.O..

He's highly a trained, professionally accomplished doctor who's totally serious about your health. Joseph Papotto, D.O. specializes in, and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. But rather than simply treating symptoms and sickness, he treats people. Achieving overall health, well-being and happiness for his patients is his goal as a doctor. And he's serious about it. But' don't be surprised if he cracks a joke or clowns around once in a while.

Besides being a highly trained doctor (undergrad - Richard Stockton State College in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and med school/internship and residency at The University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey - School of Osteopathic Medicine). He's a family man (father of triplets), and musician (plays four different kinds of stringed instruments and sings). He's a frequent medical missionary to third world countries. And he is - seriously - a professional clown.

"My philosophy is to provide holistic care to patients by integrating conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative medicine. I received my calling into medicine while working as a clown in a third world orphanage seeing other caring doctors reach out to the poor. Therefore I make it my aim to dispense healing with joy and good humor versus fighting suffering with more suffering. The triune God: our Father Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide daily inspiration for me to accomplish this mission."


Clown Virtues